BSC Launcher

Binance Smart Chain-powered, permissionless and community governed Launchpad for on-chain token pools, giving projects the possibility to raise capital in a decentralized and secure way.

Why BSC Launcher?

DeFi means developers can set their terms, whether favorable or not to the users.
So many bad actors are taking advantage of the liberty and permissionless nature of DeFi to scam users of their funds. To protect investors’ funds, and to save legitimate projects from unnecessary hurdles of presales, BSC Launcher offers a safe ecosystem where the communities of projects are in total control of the presale processes.


Giving back power to the community.

Our aim is to enable a secure community-governed permissionless platform, and $BSCL token will play a central role.
Infact a lot of already existing launchpads have an old bureaucratic system to determine the project which will be launched on their platform.  

We wanted to fully decentralize it allowing our community to determine which project will be listed.

Key Features

Fully decentralized

All the auction processes are done transparently on the blockchain through Dapp, without interacting with anyone. In code we trust.

Community governed

Token holders will be able to vote for ecosystem initiatives, new features development, liquidity rewards distribution specs, and other applications.

Instant DEX Listing

Waiting for developers to send liquidity to decentralized exchange is an obsolescence, since any investor can easily send the initial liquidity to decentralized exchange from the contract.

Advanced auction security

Other presale platforms provide little or no incentives for presalers or value to their ecosystem . Our smart contract offers presale on a different level featuring the first-of-its-kind smart functions on BSC, creating an advance and secure network for presale participants.

Economical Service Fee

Compared to other platforms, BSC Launcher charges only a minute percentage of 1% of the total funds contributed as a service fee while also performing other functions to ensure a free and fair auction amongst contributors.

Sustainable Liquidity

Smart contract ensures initial liquidity is made available and viewable by presalers on the platform with the relative ROI in place to be released with the token liquidity. This feature ensures presalers need not to worry about liquidity provision.

$BSCL token features

To operate in our launch pad, staking and vote on governance proposals we will launch $BSCL BEP20 token.

Staking in the classical LP pools

Aimed to get a cut of the day’s token pool fees. Token pools are only as good as the volume they can support, and to do that you need liquidity on both sides of the equation.

Staking to get presale pools access

Our token will be the key to access the various token sales pools, especially the classical high-demand project pools.

Staking for governance purposes.

BSCL holders will be able to vote for ecosystem initiatives, new features development, liquidity rewards distribution specs, and other applications.

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